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Service outline

  • The ePOST Shopping is service that prepares to agricultural and marine products imports opening of 1986 and enforced at dimensions enlarged mail service for activation economic a farming and fishing villages. It is service that supplies excellent agricultural and marine product and the handcrafts from each district through approximately 3700 post office.
  • This service makes it so that a producer and a consumer can have in direct negotiation, and we open market excavation to a producer, and it is convenient service having done so as it is economical, and to be able to receive directly from fresh local specialty goods at sitting room as we pass through the middle distribution process to a consumer.
  • This site is the shopping mall which provides transactions between a buyer and seller, and the sellers whom we provided to data are responsible for goods information, and it is possible to search about goods to be various and convenient, and a credit card, a wire transfer, electronic money, a bank transfer is possible.

An introduction purpose

  • Find a market expected to revitalize economy a farming and fishing villages, and mail service expansion through find a market.
  • Improve distribution structure expected to induce direct business of a consumer and a producer.
  • Open agricultural and marine product income imports expected to enlarge the market.

New commodity process of selection

  • We post an offering notification to the newspaper and nation post office, the e-post in a year, and results announcement carries whether or not there is a POSA home page, and annual January 1st goods supply is changed.
  • POSA receives goods, and we evaluate all productive facilities and sanitary facilities, and we judge marketability of goods, quality excellence, foods safety, consumer satisfaction etc, to the goods which passed after judging document perfection, goods and enterprise qualification etc.

Quality and price management

  • We buy goods for names of a consumer so that a producer cannot know, and we commit contents and a component etc, to a national authorization organization, and a defective product stops just supply.
  • We blocked a defective product supply in advance by enterprise actual inspection and quality evaluation, and we prevent in advance the consumer damage in case of non-conformance of certified inspection system as we cancel goods
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