ePOST Open Market

Service outline

  • Open market service based on Escrow which post office protects product delivery and payment when unspecific seller registers product and makes a payment.
  • Online escrow service is neutral third party service that will essentially hold on to the buyer’s payment when selling a domain name, thereby protecting both the buyer and seller.

Main Contents

  • No extra fee on purchasing product through ePOST Open market. Tracking status of your ordered product and delivery should be made on Mypage.
  • Everyone who wants to sell products using post office market must sign in ePOST beforehand and register as a seller. Free to register and refer to seller’s registration document posted on market bulletin.
  • ePOST does not control or limit description of products published by sellers; however we may limit, suspend or terminate user accounts, prohibit access to our website, take legal steps to keep users off this site if we think that they are creating problems, possible legal liabilities, or violation of another’s right.
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