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The ePOST in the Korea Post Information Center under the direction control the Korea Post in the Ministry of Science and ICT.

History of the Business

  • 2020
    Establishment of a bidirectional customer communication system (PUSH system, Chatbot customer service system)
  • 2019
    Launch of consignment sales of gold bar via online platform
  • 2017 January
    Open the Dongdaemun Fashion Hall(B2C, B2B)
  • 2016 October
    Renewal the ePOST(Simplify membership, Remove ActiveX etc)
  • 2012 June
    Open the ePOST Online Traditional Market
  • 2011 October
    Third Open the Smart Phone Postal Service
    Second Open the Smart Phone Postal Service
    First Open the Smart Phone Postal Service
    Starting Delivery Proof Service
  • 2010 July
    Starting Internet Stamps Service
  • 2008 November
    Open the Business Portal
  • 2007 October
    Open the ePOST B2B
    Open the Korean Stamp Portal
  • 2004 November
    Open the ePOST Marketplace
  • 2001 January
    Starting Traditional Product International Shipping Service
  • 2000 December
    Open the ePOST ( - Postal, Parcel, EMS, Shopping, Mail
  • 1999 July
    Open the ePOST Shopping
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