Smart Phone Service

Service Outline

  • Every customers can connect anywhere, everywhere in the mobile environment and they can order in a real-time.
  • It do a role as a new channel such as coping actively with the change in mobile environment, expansion contacts with customers.
  • We provide application and mobile web that maximizing the postal service’s effect and minimizing the difference between the equipments.


Search Zipcode, Track and Trace, Congratulations Card, Congratulations Gift Card, Tailored Post Card, Personalised stamp, Parcel Delivery, EMS, Pickup and Delivery Service, Pre-booked Postal Service, Findig Post Office, PostTalk, ePOST Shopping, Traditional Market, Flower Delivery Service, Specialised Products, Traditional Alcoholic Drinks, Oversea Delivery, Budget Phone, Postal Fare Inquiry, etc.

Supported OS

Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Mobile Web.

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