Postal Services

Hybrid Mail

All letters with address can be sent using the ePOST. This easy and convenient service includes whole process from initial mail production to final delivery. Your ordered email is processed and shipped in 4 business days.

Greeting Cards

Create greeting cards and convey your deep messages with gratitude, celebration and Sympathy.


  • Order all sorts of Korean stamps published so far today. We offer brand new product delivery to your place, especially for stamp collectors.
  • We also provide information about cultural center including history, stories, and manufacture of stamps.
  • Internet Stamp Service is that provides that customers can pay the price on the internet, print the internet Stamp with their own printer.

Extra Services

  • Please fill out the official change of address form in case that recipient’s address is changed.
  • Direct Cash Registered Delivery Services to recipients’ are available for up to 1,000,000 won.
  • To check on the delivery status of your registered parcel or global express mailing, access to the ePOST, enter your registration number and track products.
  • Applications for Contents Certificates Services which can be delivered to both recipients and senders should be made through Internet and printed in assigned Post Office.
  • Delivery Proof Service is that printed the Delivery Certificate after the Registered Mail delivered.

Customized Services

  • Create the most of your customized postcards with your drawings and photos through Internet.
  • Make your personalized postage stamps with your own photo, company logo, character, and advertisement.

Gold Bar Sales Consigned Service

  • To give its customers a convenient way og buying a relatively risk-free asset, Korea Post cooporated with Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation to launch its ‘Gold bar sales cosigned service’ on May 1, 2019 selling total 7 types of (10~500g) gold bars in 223 general post offices throughtout the nation. Customers can conveniently buy various weights of gold bars from 223 general post offices throughtout the nation, and by 3 types of (1.875g, 3.75g, 7.5g) gold bars via the internet.
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