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Service overview

  • PostKmall was launched in 1986, at a time of growing concerns against market opening of the agro-fisheries industry from the Uruguay Round negotiations. Its launch was in a part of efforts by the then communications ministry (currently the Ministry of Science and ICT) to boost the local economy in rural areas and promote their sales channels.
  • Utilizing the nationwide web-like post office network, PostKmall is now acknowledged as the nation’s top shopping mall in local specialties area by offering a direct connection between high-quality local specialties and consumers. In addition to local specialties, PostKmall also provides various other services such as flower delivery, in-season food products, daily household goods (industrial products), traditional market products, etc.

Service features

Promotion of sales channels for local SMEs
  • PostKmall operates a distribution system of shared benefits both for local merchants and end-consumers by offering sales channels to local producers and SMEs and a safer and cheaper shopping channel for nationwide local specialties and commercial goods to consumers.
Qualified product supply
  • PostKmall runs a thorough and reliable qualification process for merchants through regular and occasional applications by product.
    * Our local specialities are selected every years with a three-step screening process—document screening, on-site due diligence, and product screening—by a special committee of experts from the Korea Consumer Federation and other relevant consumer organizations.
Strict quality control
  • PostKmall offers a practical and safe product supply service using its distinguished quality control system that takes account of different natures of each product category.
  • Especially, our local specialties are subject to a regular on-site due diligence for producers, sanitary training by experts, and secret inspection for product and service quality by purchasing products under the names of consumer.
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